Who is Attending

This will be the apt platform that brings together water & sanitation professionals, policymakers, private institutions, industry leaders, experts, consultants, regulators, academics, and practitioners. Here’s the opportunity to address water, sanitation and gender nexus, exchange knowledge, get exposed to up-to-date technologies, and strengthen your capacity.

The Opportunity

The County governments are actively pushing new initiatives to address the drinking water and sanitation challenges across their country.

With the emphasis on transferring and sharing knowledge and transferring knowledge from various stakeholder, the summit will bring attendees from all stakeholders at all levels.  

Be part of the Summit

Regional Water and Sanitation Summit is the newest and biggest thing in the Kenya water and sanitation sector. It provides an unrivalled opportunity for delegates to build their networks and share ideas with County and national governments, NGOs and community leaders, Private sector and public institutions and other stakeholders.

Be part of the solution in:

  1. Meeting the needs of a water-intensive economic growth pathway; and
  2. Dealing with the water challenges associated with climate change in already water scarce counties.
  3. Low sanitation, and to a slightly lesser degree, safe water access.

The summit will offer an opportunity for a deep multi-stakeholder engagement to very critically examine both our water and sanitation challenges as well as delegated engagement. We are also seeking to use the diversity of minds to develop and converge on the innovative solutions that we will need in order to successfully solve problems.