The world at your fingertips

Mobile phones have completely transformed the market, and just about every consumer has one in their pocket. Robust SMS Platform is a mobile messaging solution that enables you to develop faster and customise your communication solution.

Equipping you with real-time communication tools, our SMS Platform is designed to create a dynamic dialogue between your business and its customers.

  • Single account interface for multiple business users

  • Cloud-hosted, user-friendly web-based interface

  • Global message sending via API

  • Scalable and customisable to suit your needs

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Easy transition from other messaging systems

  • Comprehensive real-time reporting

  • Capable of delivering thousands of messages per second

  • Unlimited testing and assistance

  • Role-based access control

Our system provides the following services :

Fixed sender field
(Each message has a fixed sender’s id which means that when someone receives your SMS see our long code center , However exist possibility to ask your dedicated long code number ) .

Delivery receipts
(Just like your networks provide you with delivery reports the same way our system provides you with all the information regarding successful deliveries, failed numbers e.t.c.).

Delete possible undefined numbers
(Our system detects and deletes, after you submit a relative request, all the numbers that you have sent SMS to and have failed more than 4 times).

Protection from double send SMS .
(Even if you have different databases and you decide to sennd 1 SMS to all of them, our system will compare the numbers between the databases and will not send or charge you a second time for SMS that have already been sent to a number).

Scheduled SMS
(Through Elegant SMS you will be able to schedule SMS submissions through our scheduling system).

Template SMS
(You will be able to set template SMS in order to recall them anytime you wish to send an SMS to your clients or members).

Excel to SmS
(You can make a multiple and quick submission from an excel file).

Reply center
(Reply service is a fantastic option who can hold your clients connected to you ).

(Keyword id our new service and is available to all ).